EAA Young Eagles

The EAA Young Eagles program provides a free opportunity for young people ages 7-17 to learn about what it's like to fly! More than 1.5 million lucky kids have already gone flying! EAA members provide free flights, when young participants experience the excitement, joys, and rewards of flying in a real airplane. They go along with the pilot doing a thorough pre-flight inspection ot the plane, learn about flight planning & safety, then settle in for a short but thrilling flight over the local area. You'll also get information about free learning programs availble to begin your aviation education, even getting a pilot's license!

Young Eagles events in High River are scheduled at various times during the year. If you are a young person who wants to experience flying, or if you have a child who can benefit from this outstanding opportunity, contact Chapter 1410's Young Eagles program at [email protected] or contact any Chapter Board member for more information. Additional information is available from the national EAA Young Eagles program.

Let's go FLYING!

How can I participate? Go to this link for forms and registration information.