New Site Features

For now, the new site is largely a restructuring of the old site at a new service operator and a new domain registrar. This site runs using a content management system (CMS) called Drupal which will allow for enhancements to the functionality which will be announced as they are implemented.
As we go to press, several features of the old site have been omitted due to lack of content updates. Sportair is in suspension until Jack announces a continuation of the program and advises we should incorporate this information on the website. Community outreach is also suspended until it is updated. Member profiles have not received any updates in more than half a decade so I decided not to include any of them until members show an interest by presenting updates on persons of interest.
New email addresses and procedures for Board members are a first step in implementing new functionality here. The purpose is to archive communications that occur among members so that documentation on how things were done before is not lost to future generations of board members and volunteers. This has been a problem recently, with no one able to identify some practices that have long been established around the potluck dinner. Having an email archive that is used by the board and volunteers is one practical way to ensure that sort of problem does not recur. I will be advising members about how this is to work and how it can be handled effectively.