What is controlling the user name about?
How can I put pictures on the site once I have a login?
What is the purpose of position related emails?
How do I use position related emails?
User names that mask the identity of a contributor to a website encourage unwelcome commentary. Our policy is to be clear about who is speaking.
Pictures which you want to contribute to the site should be sent by email to the Webmaster.
Position related emails are put in place for several reasons. Protecting user's personal email addresses from spam is first. When user emails are exposed on web pages they tend to attract a lot of spam. In addition, from an organizational perspective, the use of personal email does not leave a legacy of emails for successors in those volunteer positions. Customary practices get lost over time and decisions made in email discussions just evaporate. By having position related emails for the organization, the communications can be searched for relevant history and as long as people use the position related emails, their work does not get lost in cyberspace - a fate worse than spontaneous combustion.
Using position related emails is not very different from your normal practice of using personal email addresses. It is best if you add a secondary address for each individual in your address book so that when you are prompted by the mail application to select the address from the list it creates you can use either the personal or the position address. If the content you will be discussing is related to chapter business, please use the postion related address. An example would be the President of the chapter, Clark Seaborn at the time of this writing. You already have his personal address in your address book, so if you add a secondary address under his name as [email protected], your mailer will prompt you for which you wish to use. By using the position related address for Clark, the information you share will be archived and available for future incumbents in the president position. Normal action of the mailing system will simply forward the [email protected] email traffic to Clark at his personal address without exposing the personal address on the website. There will be other steps made clear under other FAQ's about logging into the email system to get access to the email archives generated in this process.